We know a lot of great performers.

We know they spend years studying and practising so that they can excel in their world. The results of this commitment fascinated us and we wanted to find a way to help make these kinds of results more accessible to all the performers we work with.

You probably know people who prepare well & don’t deliver when it matters.

You probably know people who pay little attention to preparation yet still seem to be successful.

You probably know people who have been great performers in certain roles, but don’t excel in the same way in new roles.

You probably know people who had fleeting moments of brilliance, never to repeat them.

You probably know people who have delivered superb results, consistently over a lifetime.

We felt there had to be a simple way of understanding why these different kinds of outcomes have taken place. We also felt there should be a simple way of making sure that these kinds of things don’t just keep happening, without at least having tried to control the ‘inevitable’!

Having looked around and not found something simple enough, practical enough and results focused enough, we thought we’d have a go at making something ourselves... so here’s something we prepared earlier, as they say.

Or... if you want to read a bit more about ‘the why’, you can.