We’re fascinated by everything
to do with high performance.

We love observing it, learning about it, and most importantly helping people achieve it.

We’ve been able to learn what characterises great performers in terms of how they think.

We’ve been able to find out what they know and what they do.

We’ve been able to use what we know about the psychology of peak performance to make sense of all this.

Putting all these ideas together created a simple framework. Next we found a way of measuring the most important ingredients. This all resulted in what we now call Performance Intelligence, the way to help you make the most of whatever talent you have available to you at any point in time: today; tomorrow; whenever.

The four bits of the simple framework that you really need to be introduced to now are:

World-Know. Even though we perform in the same world for long periods of time, do we really know it inside out? Great performers know the history, the rules of the game, the current trends, the formal and informal knowledge that allows strategy to be constructed and decisions made.

World-Do. Once a strategy is decided, it’s not any use until it’s made real. Being able to bring strategy to life, taking things off the planning page and actually making them happen is a key to success. Can you consistently deliver tactics that are always fit for purpose and expertly applied to the challenge directly in front of you?

World-Know, World-Do, you-Know, You-Do | Performance Intelligence

You-Know. Is, well, you know. Do you understand and value the performance ingredients that you have available to yourself. Think here about technical skills, interpersonal skills, physical capacity, psychological attributes or physical resources. They’re all part of knowing you, from a performance point of view.

You-Do. We all know that there’s very little point in having potential and then not using it. Therefore, 'You-Do' is all about how effectively you’re able focus your talents and use them to the full, consistently.